The well-being of our customers and employees is paramount.

Our commitment to hygiene and cleanliness has led all our teams to mobilize to strengthen our protocols on health safety.

We implement additional measures, which comply with the latest hygiene and cleaning recommendations, to guarantee the safety of our customers and employees. The measures cover a wide range of topics ranging from compliance with barrier-free gestures to recommendations for maintenance products, cleaning procedures for rooms and common areas, and the necessary reduction in the supply of services.

Key actions taken include:

Employee Health, Safety and Knowledge : Hotel employees, as well as their health, safety and experience, are essential to an effective cleaning program. The following measures are in place:

Hand hygiene : Washing your hands properly and frequently is essential to fight against the spread of viruses. We regularly remind our teams that cleanliness starts with this simple gesture, as important for their health as for that of our customers.

Cleaning products and protocols : Our hotel uses effective virus cleaning products and protocols, including:

Rooms : Our hotel uses cleaning and disinfection protocols to clean the rooms after each departure and before each arrival, paying particular attention to the elements most affected by the hands.

Full cleaning of all rooms, bathrooms and common areas prior to reopening on August 31, 2020.

Cleaning of common areas including handles, switches, elevator buttons, room keys between customer passes.

Changing cleaning equipment between rooms, including microfiber cloths and wipes.

Systematic change of all linens and products available in the room between each customer.

Use of detergent disinfectants.

Simplification of our offer :

The health crisis we are going through obliges us to reduce our offer of services to guarantee your safety during your stay:

Breakfast will be served in room to avoid any interaction, you must inform us of your choices and the time of your breakfast the night before.

« Roomdirectory », telephone guide and other information items have been temporarily removed.

Public areas :

The hotel has increased its frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public areas, including at the reception bank, elevators and controls, door handles, public toilets and even room keys.